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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Time over money

Where to begin. So many things have been happening here at The1870 it's really tough to round them all up. Maybe bullet points will be best.

  • Our son, his girlfriend, their dog (our grand-dog BonBon) moved into the area we had been using as our studio.
  • Lots of organizing, projects, fun, creat…

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Time is flying faster than the snowflakes outside our window!

How is it January 2023? How is it almost the end of January 2023?  This project of ours that is entering the ninth year now is just bigger than even I can fathom and the hours go by quicker here than I've ever experienced before.

We're left at the end of each day, most days, with the feeling tha…

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Autumn leaves are here

It's hard for me to pick out what I love most about this old church. The village is full of interesting & incredible people, the location is stunning, and the interior is enchanting, but there's something about the outdoors that surrounds us that continually amazes me.

No matter what the season is,…

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