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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Time is flying faster than the snowflakes outside our window!

How is it January 2023? How is it almost the end of January 2023?  This project of ours that is entering the ninth year now is just bigger than even I can fathom and the hours go by quicker here than I've ever experienced before.

We're left at the end of each day, most days, with the feeling that we did get things done but they can sometimes seem almost invisible. The notebooks filled with notes of what to do today, how much money this or that project is going to take and the general maintenance, cleaning and care for a place this big is something I find almost impossible to get my head around. It's never ending.

So why are we doing this job that has no end? Because it's our drive, our dream, our love of turning a vision of how we want to live our lives into our reality.

It doesn't leave the time to do certain things, I prioritize but get that wrong almost every day. This diary is proof of that. 

But after almost a decade here, we're still in love with the building, the idea of saving it for future generations and sharing it with the world as our never-ending journey of organizing, cleaning, running a studio business, social media time constraints and all the other places we spend our time, this project, this life, remains fun.

Glad you're here for the journey, the best is yet to come.

Hugs & happiness,


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