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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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All the time in the world

Changes are happening in our lives so fast at the moment it feels like time has sped up a bit.

Morton has retired at 55, we are getting projects done at an incredible rate of speed thanks to him being here and having two incredible helpers with us for the month of August from Workaway. 

Behind the pipes is now an Enchanted Tiki Music Room, firewood is being cut, split, stacked and for the first time in eight years we're getting ready to actually use half of the old vestry as our upstairs studio.

Summer feels like it's running away from us faster than ever with the nights getting chilly, our windows open all the time and the church smelling like fresh air and homemade bread. The sun is setting earlier and yesterday I saw several leaves floating down from the tree they had grown on already. Time is just a feeling I think. 

With the next season right on our doorstep, as we enjoy these warm and sunny days, I feel like just for a minute, I need to allow myself to feel like we have all the time in the world, even though I know it's always later than we think.

I'm thoroughly enjoying these precious moments with Morton home, where he belongs, with all our friends online and in person, with all the changes and creating in the studio, with all the wonderful progress being made on this lovely old church we call home, I'm taking the time to count my blessings, lucky stars and let the minutes and hours just float on that fleeting summer wind.

Wishing you a wonderful amount of time to do all that makes you smile.

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