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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Far and few between

When I started this journal, I really thought I'd use it more. I love to write, I love to do things here and I really love telling friends and family from all over about what we are getting up to at The 1870. But looking back at my entries, or lack of entries, I wonder why I'm not using this feature more. Maybe it's not as fast and accessible as my Facebook page, maybe it's because I take a lot of pictures and we all know that they say so many words. Whatever the reason, every single time I make an entry I tell myself a secret promise that I'll do better.

Today I'm not working on any great project. Just simply cooking a dinner, harvested some vegetables, had a look at my sad little stair gardens that are quickly losing leaves from chilling nights and just working on my never ending list of what to do next.

The sky is cloudy and the high today is only going to be in the sixties. I imagine we will be trying out the furnace soon, but I'm dreading it. I know the oil bills are going to be fierce and I've been thinking about loads of other ways to heat this massive space.

One project that actually has me looking forward to the cold winter is the ten by ten frame I have set up for our indoor greenhouse. It's going to be covered in clear plastic and at the end of the winter, if I'm happy with the results we've had, I'm going to help Morton build a permanent one with glass and wood, using some of the old windows here combined with others I've been collecting.

For today I think I might carve some pumpkins, put on Nightmare Before Christmas or It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and think about getting out the candles to chase away the gloomy day.

Enjoy your day wherever you are and I hope you're doing exactly what you want to do!

Priscilla :)

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