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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Gathering wood inside & out

Yesterday was one of the most productive days in our lives at The1870. 

Morton was sawing trees that had fallen sideways in a storm around the parking lot, Emma & Justin, our helpers staying with us, were splitting firewood outside for the coming cold months and I was in the studio packaging orders for The1870Studio with seaglass from Scotland, fused glass we make here and some mystery packages that have been amazing sellers. 

We were also getting the Cemetery Studio set up and ready to be the inside wood carving, wood burning, and special area at the north side of the church, to get very creative while enjoying the view of the incredible old cemetery.

The outside wood cutting & splitting got a surprise when Morton hit something deep inside a large log that had been given to us by a neighbor that had trees cut down a few years ago. Though it ruined his chain, stopped the saw, he split the rest of it out to find someone had hammered two railroad spikes into the tree decades ago. It's a mystery as to why they would have done that and just how long that tree had been growing to have the two metal spikes totally grown around.

The days are filled with endless surprises here, and those two spikes will have a special place in the new old Cemetery Studio.

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