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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Go West!

So much time has passed since my last post! It's amazing how fast time really goes. Sorry for the slacking, but I promise, it's been for a good reason.

My daughter and her family (my darling grandchildren included!) moved to Arizona in July and I've been out there four or five times since then. I'm at the airport so much, I've really lost track.

The good thing about some time passing though, is some great idea and planning can happen while taking a break from a day to day huge project like we have going on at The 1870.

My craft room, office and studio are going to all be living together in the organ loft and it's coming along just beautifully! It's an incredible space, view, there will be plenty of room for Morton to have his musical instruments up there too and best of all, it frees up the little old nursery to become our kitchen sink room! Plus there is already a kitchen sink in it!

The paint colors are up enough for us all to agree we really LOVE them! The white is so clean, bright and able to have any colors pop with it. The trim and doorways is a lovely shade of green called Garden Gate and the ribs that run across the entire length of the church are a National Historic color, Woodrow Wilson Blush. The bottom boards are a pale yellow and it really does all work nicely together.

We finally have enough scaffolding that we own, not just renting, that will let us (and by "us" I mean Morton) get up and put up ceiling fans and the chandeliers I'm making. It really is all coming together.

I'm not heading out to Phoenix again until December, so I plan on knuckling down and making lots of progress until then! We have a lovely spare bedroom done and are building an open bedroom that will be hidden behind a wall of pipes from the old organ, along with a working organ in front of them. Just in time too! We are having family over from Scotland and Canada in January & February!

I promise to write more often. So many great things happen on a daily basis at The 1870 I really don't want to forget a moment of them! Keep watching the photos on our Facebook page and share it with your friends! If you're ever in our area feel free to pop in and say hello, but be ready to be put to work with a paintbrush or a project if you do!

Happy trails,


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