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150 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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World Record Setting Attempt January 1, 2018 Noon - Watch as Priscilla attempts to set a world record in MARBLING! .

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Gone too long!

My two weeks or so trip was extended a bit. Two months or so in Arizona has left me with hundreds (seriously, I have filled an entire notebook!) of ideas, sketches, designs on my Pinterest board that I want to happen and most importantly, a to-do list with a deadline.

You see, the grandchildren that have moved to Arizona last July finish with school and are coming back to Pennsylvania for a visit the middle of May. They've both given me instructions they do no want to spend even one night at our house in Middletown, they want to spend every single night at our lovely church!

So with a deadline of sleepovers, unbirthday parties, chair races and more on their little calendars, I need to really put the hustle on and make things happen. Hard work with a smile and a reason, isn't work at all. It's pleasure.

As the week starts so will my painting, cleaning, floor refinishing, installation of six chandeliers and six ceiling fans and oh so much more in store.

Photos coming and some videos too. I'm so excited to start seeing plans turn in to reality.

YAY for spring and I hope it stays awhile with us.

If you're in the area and want to help with any of the painting, etc., you'd be very welcome.

Enjoy your day,

Priscilla :)

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