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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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January Resolutions & Solutions

This year is going to be different. I'm not making resolutions, but rather reflecting on all the things I want to find solutions for in my life this year.

With a project as big as The 1870, you can imagine my to-do list is an ever-growing notebook. I'll stick napkins I've done drawing on in it, pieces of paper that I may have torn out of a magazine or mini to-do lists that get stuck in my big folder.

Keeping on top of that folder is a project all by itself and that is one of my solutions this year that I've sorted out early. I've gotten one of those accordion binders that I won't lose things out of, then once a month I'm going to check in on my master notebook to see how things are coming along.

Since Morton and I are doing a huge part of the work ourselves here, things don't move at the speed I'd like to see them happen at. But on the plus side of that, it also gives me time to ponder ideas, think of things that could be done differently and so far, we've had lots of brilliant ideas that turn into tangible actions that have happened because we haven't rushed right in.

This month we are doing some entertaining, visiting and I'm off to Phoenix at the end of the month to spend some overdue time with my grandchildren there. There are going to be small things happen here, but nothing that is going to make me crazy.

With the weather being a lot milder this year, working in the main room is actually tolerable. We hold a temperature of 45 to 50 there most of the time, keeping the bathrooms heated, the little kitchen sink kitchen and the library nook that is my temporary winter bedroom.

It's just 11 1/2 weeks until Spring, glorious Spring and that's pretty much all I'm thinking about at the moment. So many things can't be done until it warms up in here. Painting, plastering, more bell tower battles and the list goes on.

Speaking of the bell tower, the big leak is down to a tiny little drop and the inside is drying out nicely. It is still not 100% but we really need a lottery win to make that happen. Super expensive and the bad part is, I don't play the lottery. So it will have to wait until we have lots and lots of pennies saved to tackle that mega project.

When Morton and I are out driving we really check out other bell towers. We both have spotted lots of them we wish we could swap for ours! There's a lovely green one, copper I'm assuming, on a beautiful church in Shamokin that we both really love. Hey, it's free to dream and who knows, maybe some day I'll find a winning lottery ticket laying around!

That would be one big solution, wouldn't it!?!
Happy January and I hope this year is just amazing for all.

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