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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Marching on

When we bought this church two years ago it was a secret dream of mine to get it to the point where my mother, who was in really bad health and bed ridden, could come and live. Things like no heating, no handicapped shower and other issues prevented that from happening.

As we were working on the project, I'd take photos in to show my mother in the nursing home she was in. She'd always comment that she would love to help paint and could reach the low parts from her wheelchair if I could only get her to the church. It was something we both longed for but I think we both knew it could never happen.

Sadly this dream is over. My mother passed away peacefully a few days ago at the lovely age of 82. She was an incredible thinker, very clever, loved helping her children, made so many sacrifices for her family I couldn't ever begin to count them and even though we knew she was going to be passing, words just can't say how much I miss her.

Next week I start painting murals with a lovely artist from India that is staying with us for two weeks. I know that my mother would have loved to be here. The last film we saw at the movies together was Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was set in India and we both were really taken with the scenery, the people and the culture. We often talked about it.

The brushes will be flowing with paint and I'm already getting an incredible education on lots of really interesting things, but the thing that will be missing is all the mental notes I'm taking to tell my mom about or show her pictures of.

Hug those close to you and often, time doesn't march, it gallops at the speed of light.

Priscilla :)

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