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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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On a roll!

Look at me, posting again. Once neglected, now embracing a wee bit of time to tell you about what's been happening here.

Yesterday in the studio we had a lovely reporter and cameraman come in to do a story on our glass pulling. It was really fun and I'll share the link as soon as the segment airs.

The day before I was working down at the grow cage, where we are going to be growing a full garden in 52 bales of hay that I've just finished conditioning, and I was feeling rather clever because I came up with an easy way to turn three old chairs into a bench. At least that was my intention, until I had one of those slow motion accidents. While sitting on the boards I was trying to screw into place, I moved over slightly and went over like a house of cards. Somehow I manage to fall on my thumb, cutting it and smashing it all at the same time.

Now I'm banished from the garden until I grow some skin back so I don't get dirt in my wound. I'll also be wearing gloves until it's completely healed.

Today is gloomy but it's so cozy inside. I'm currently typing this to you from the old enamel top table in the kitchen, getting ready to head to the studio down the stairs in my office and get things ready for this weekend.

We're having an Un-Birthday Party on Saturday where everyone brings a cupcake and a wrapped handmade gift. Each will be placed on our new counter. Then when we have everyone here, we'll all choose a different cupcake and gift and celebrate all of our un-birthdays! I have a special gift for anyone who comes along that are actually celebrating their real birthday on that day...but shhhhh...that's a secret!

I'm going to sign off for today, dear friend, and get on with my lovely list of projects today. I'm sending you wishes for a day as beautiful as you are.

Priscilla :)


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