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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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One finished project at a time!

Something rather thrilling happened here last week. While I was in the main sanctuary and Morton was down in the basement containing the furnace and four large oil tanks, and a wonderful man named Jack, I heard a strange and beautiful noise. It was the sound of the furnace starting!

Hopefully the furnace was loud enough to cover my squeal of delight, but actually I was so happy to hear it, I really didn't mind who heard me.

The part is ordered to fix the burst pipes from the radiator system. It's pretty huge in diameter and normal stores just don't stock things like this. Right now Morton is fixing a normal sized copper water supply line that will be what runs to fill all 20-something radiators we have here and as of next week or so, we will OFFICIALLY have working heating system! Hallelujah!

We are filling all four of the oil tanks while oil is kind of cheap right now. Then our plan is to measure how much we use while we still have these chilly spring nights.

As for now my mind is on curling up in one of my favorite chairs by a toasty radiator and reading a good book. I'm also thinking about Christmas coming when hopefully my daughter and her family will come for a few weeks at Christmas and we won't have to see our breath in the big room.

The furnace has been something we've been wanting to get sorted out since we bought the place, but since we didn't win the lottery and aren't even close to rich, we need to work on just one project at a time.

Today we are going to have a lovely Easter lunch shared with two helpers who are staying until Wednesday. Ham with pineapple is cooking away and potatoes & spinach are going to be included. It's a chilly 50 degrees in the large room, but hopefully the warm food will stop us from shivering too much for our last cold holiday meal here! Come on heat!!!

Happy Easter Sunday from our home to yours,

Priscilla :)


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