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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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The Studio is OPEN!

After almost two years of working, sweating, bleeding and more working, my stained glass studio is OPEN!
It feels amazing to see glass I haven't seen in the ten years that have passed since we moved to the States from Scotland.

It feels even better to be creating again. Stained glass is far more than a hobby for me. Glass is something that I've always loved and when I first saw our lovely church with no stained glass windows, I thought as soon as I can get my studio set up, I'll start filling the windows with huge and lovely windows.

But the views got in the way. Out almost every window here we have incredible views of the mountains, trees, parish house and the little village. My heart just won't let me cover them with large windows.

So instead I'm creating a hanging system for the windows. This will allow me to make panels, suncatchers and more that can hang until they are sold to a good home. It will also give me great places to display creations to photograph them.

Visit our studio and shop online at http:/ and be sure to share the web address with your friends.

You can think of it as an online art and craft show any time you like!

Get ready to see hundreds of creations that are being added over the next couple of weeks to our online store.

Your purchases are going to help with the restoration of this huge project.

Thanks for visiting and remember to check out our Facebook page (& like and share it please!) at too!

Priscilla :)

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