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152 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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With a little help from my friends

November flew by fast with friends, family, food and fun. We had an unexpected Workaway helper with us that did some painting miracles and got me motivated to see how much of the dirty old pink paint I could cover. 

With a working boiler and 700 gallons of oil into the season, I'm spending time painting and searching for cheaper ways to heat our home. 

Wood is out of the question because we have no free sources to get it from, or time, pickup truck, chainsaw and everything else that's needed. 

Since we're in the heart of Pennsylvania coal country, it would be a logical choice, but Morton doesn't want to be shoveling coal. I also remember dusting once a week when we lived in Scotland. 

The weather has been fairly mild but we're getting a cold snap next week and I'm hoping the electric stays on. We do have a gas fireplace in the basement that would keep our son warm but I'd be worried about the pipes for all our radiators freezing. 

For now I'll try not to worry, keeping busy painting and thinking SPRING! 


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