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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Blog posts : "General"

Workshop time!

Anyone who has met me, read anything I've written or seen any of the thousands of pictures and videos I post online has to know that I love arts and crafts. 

My favorite thing is helping others discover the joy and satisfaction of learning something creative! So September is being a real kick of…

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Etsy store open!

Almost three years!

Today we decided to put our workshops on hold for the month of June while we finish the painting inside and out in the big room. 

It's so much work moving everything and we want everyone to be safe when they come here. 

We also hope to get the main floor sanded this month. 

Watch for the…

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So much painting!

Ever since we bought the lovely old church, it seems something we are constantly buying is paint. Lots of paint. 

Recently I finished painting a hallway by the bathrooms and for whatever reason, it seemed very white and lacking in color. 

On a whim I started painting with some of my good acr…

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Earth Day was so much fun!

We are so very happy that 47 people came to our first big workshop event! It was more fun than I imagined it would be and the reason was that the day was filled with meeting lots of new friends and making so many great memories!

One of my favorite things with teaching workshops is when I see some…

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Happy Easter

Wishing you a beautiful Easter Sunday. 


Fresh Mountain Air!

As I'm writing this the sun has just went behind the mountains and the sky is an inky blue. The spring frogs are singing outside and the sound of our two ladies from France chatting in the balcony is drifting through the church in a lovely whisper.

My legs are sore, my back is killing me and I'm …

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My Wishes on The Wishing Globe

Hello there,

Yesterday we launched the new Facebook page and started selling our Wishing Globes to a really great response. It feels wonderful that so many of you are like me and love making wishes!

Wishes have many names. Hopes, prayers, dreams, it really doesn't matter what you think of them…

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Wonderful things!

Good morning friends!

So many wonderful things are happening that I don't really know where to start!

First, we have a wonderful Workaway helper, Eamon, staying with us from New Zealand. He's painted all our radiators and they look fabulous! He's also a really great guy who's going to be trave…

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Secret rooms

If you see any outside pictures of The1870 or have seen this building in person, you'll have noticed the bell tower spans five stories, though we've only been able to be inside four of them. 

There is a room, two actually, that have been hidden behind interior walls that we haven't been able to …

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Looking ahead for 2017

This year has started off so fantastic! We've kicked off our workshops and I just have to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who is coming out, sharing us, supporting us and having fun with us. You are so very appreciated, I just can't even put it in to words.

As all our friends and family know,…

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Wonderful Walk In Workshops

We are so excited for our fun, creative and varied workshops happening most Saturdays at The1870. 

If you would like to see the events that are coming up, just follow our Facebook page. 

Discover your inner artist at The1870 workshop!


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2017 is going to be incredible!

Happy New Year to all!!!

2017 is going to be the year that our studio kicks in to gear. 

Classes, exhibition and special events are all coming, please stay tuned for details. 

If you haven't LIKED our Facebook page yet, please do so. We have lots of great things happening there and it's …

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With a little help from my friends

November flew by fast with friends, family, food and fun. We had an unexpected Workaway helper with us that did some painting miracles and got me motivated to see how much of the dirty old pink paint I could cover. 

With a working boiler and 700 gallons of oil into the season, I'm spending time …

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Bird watching for beginners

This morning I took an apple and a glass of water and sat on the chair I've positioned for optimum viewing pleasure at the bird feeders outside the entrance on the east side of the church.

It was early and the light was twinkling through the stand of pine trees just beyond our drive with the sun …

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The heat is ON!

It really feels amazing looking back at pictures of The 1870 from a year ago and seeing how far we have came. Yes, we still have a million miles to go on this project, but you can actually SEE the progress in the photos.

The one thing you can't see is the fact that the church now has a working fu…

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Far and few between

When I started this journal, I really thought I'd use it more. I love to write, I love to do things here and I really love telling friends and family from all over about what we are getting up to at The 1870. But looking back at my entries, or lack of entries, I wonder why I'm not using this feature…

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Marching on

When we bought this church two years ago it was a secret dream of mine to get it to the point where my mother, who was in really bad health and bed ridden, could come and live. Things like no heating, no handicapped shower and other issues prevented that from happening.

As we were working on the …

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Growing projects

When we took on this incredible project, we had a 10 year plan to make it the way we wanted it without taking on any extra debt. This means budgets, priority projects and being very bargain savvy when it comes to getting projects going and completed here at The 1870.

Morton often says, "I thought…

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The Studio is OPEN!

After almost two years of working, sweating, bleeding and more working, my stained glass studio is OPEN!
It feels amazing to see glass I haven't seen in the ten years that have passed since we moved to the States from Scotland.

It feels even better to be creating again. Stained glass is far more…

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