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150 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

UPCOMING projects

So many projects, we’re going to need a bigger website to list them all. You can lose yourself for hours in our photos and videos on our Facebook pages. 

The bell tower had a new watertight roof that will last at least fifty years put on in the autumn of 2020, stained glass installed by Morton and made by Priscilla in the arches in the big sanctuary, bathroom makeovers, garden creations and makeovers, as well as numerous art and craft projects happening in the studio.

Upcoming projects include removing the crumbling from steps, FINALLY looking inside the two secret rooms and adding some decking.

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Our in person workshops have been on hold due to Covid19 since March 2020. Here we are in the summer of 2021 and hopefully will be connecting with you creatively again in person very soon.

World Record Setting Attempt January 1, 2018 Noon - Watch as Priscilla attempts to set a world record in MARBLING! .

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