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150 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

The1870 Happenings

For the last several years, Priscilla & Morton, have been working on a dream.  Restoring the old & crumbling church to become a home, working studio & creative destination is a gigantic task that continues to be a work in progress  

Workshops online & in person for 2021 will be posted. Please check our Facebook page for the schedule.

Priscilla Houliston is an artist, writer, green lady, traveler, gardener and educator who loves sharing her knowledge while always remaining a student herself  

January 2018 Priscilla set a World Record for The Most Greeting Cards Marbled in One Hour with Marabu Easy Marble paints. She managed 684 cards in one short hour!  Click here --->  See the paint she used here.


Meet Morton & Priscilla

We love to travel, love old buildings, enjoy restoring things and this property sums it all up. It's an amazing space that reminds us of places we've been, arches we've walked under and has this lovely tranquility about it that is very special.

Morton is fantastic at fixing things, or "dooberizing" them, as he calls it. He is a native of Scotland who recently became a US citizen. Priscilla is a Pennsylvania native and  has lived all over the place, including six wonderful years in Scotland. She always been a creative soul, love arts and crafts and nature is in her soul.

Their website and Facebook page are designed to keep our friends all around the world, both old and new, up to date on what they are doing at The1870. 

There is a mountain load of work to be done here, lots of fun arts & crafts happening and so much please visit this site often to see what's happening now!

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The1870 Calendar

Our in person workshops have been on hold due to Covid19 since March 2020. Here we are in the summer of 2021 and hopefully will be connecting with you creatively again in person very soon.

World Record Setting Attempt January 1, 2018 Noon - Watch as Priscilla attempts to set a world record in MARBLING! .

Please visit the EVENTS on our Facebook page to see what is coming up. 

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