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150 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

Welcome to The Studio

Stained Glass Studio, glass fusing, jewelry making, botanical and garden workshops, paintings and more are being created and taught by Priscilla.

EVENTS HAPPENING AT The1870 Studio & Workshop

The1870 YouTUBE

Welcome to our wonderful world of arts, crafts, gardening, teaching, learning and reaching out to the planet from our studio in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

I'm Priscilla Houliston and my vision for The 1870 is to create something wonderful that lots of people can experience, even if they never step foot inside. I'm making videos all the time that will help you create, imagine and learn along with me.

We've launched a YouTube channel, February 2017 and hope to connect with people who share a love of arts, crafts, gardening, creating and beautiful, historic places all in one lovely spot. Please visit, subscribe and watch it grow.

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