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151` year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

The1870 Diary

October 20, 2021 HOW did two years go by since I posted?!?

Obviously we’ve been busy! Time flies whether you’re restoring an old church or not, so you might as well enjoy each and every moment.

Since we utilize Facebook, I’m basically blogged out when it comes to posting on this diary, but I really do want to get better at it.

This year has been a whirlwind of roofing, gardens, getting The1870 Studio ready to re-open to do workshops in a safe manner and so much more. 

Firewood season is upon us and we’ll spend lots of Morton’s days off splitting and stacking the wood we have cut outside. It’s such a money saver for us and since it’s so labor intensive, it helps up with lots of cardio and strength training. 

This winter we hope to start making some of the stained glass shutters we’re building together for the sanctuary part of the building. Morton is going to be doing the frames out of oak and massive hinges, I’m doing all the stained glass panels and working on the design to actually make these work. I’ve never seen anything like them before and hopefully we’ll be happy with the results. 

Out view out of all the east windows are of the stunning forest and mountains that make it feel like we’re all alone in this paradise. The views are too beautiful to put stained glass in that would block them, so my solution is the shutters. We can open them half way, see the view and still enjoy the colors and majesty that stained glass gives this delightful structure.

Wood working area is being set up in the studio and Morton and I are going to get very creative with lovely pieces of maple, birch, cherry, oak and several other gorgeous kinds of wood we have here.

Please check out our Facebook pages for pictures, come along to our workshops and open houses and stay creative!


2019 is off to a wonderful start!

Since we post so much on our Facebook pages for The1870 and The1870 Studio, I really neglect this blog.  It is my goal to do better this year.

Big news around here is that we have a wonderful Sedore biomass stove that has helped with high heating oil costs and hope to add another stove this year that will tie in to our cast iron radiators.  We've been burning all sorts of things in it and it's been a learning curve with the high winds we get here, but overall, we are thrilled with it.  Is it dusty and more work? YES!!! Is it worth it? Of course!!! We're saving money and getting exercise with it.  All good things.

Other exciting news is that the ground floor living area is being converted into our amazing arts and crafts studio.  We will be finished with the set up for an opening in June 2019 where we will offer workshops in stained glass, glass blowing, glass bead making, glass fusing, jewelry making, mixed media arts, fiber arts, scrapbooking, writing and much more.  Watch our studio page on Facebook for all the details and schedules. 

So much to do and such fun watching things come together is what really keeps me motivated.  Hope spring finds us soon.



It's official! We've had to dust off the fans, try to keep out the humidity and are experiencing a heat wave in the church.

The temperature is at 76 inside, 90 plus outside, thanks to a very high ceiling that is insulated.  It would be amazing to have a huge fan in the bell tower to suck out the hot air, but for now we're cooling ourselves with just a couple floor fans.

Usually at night I open the windows, pulling in the cool night mountain air.  This really works when you don't have the high humidity that we're experiencing at the moment. Last night when I went to open the windows though, it was the smell of a skunk outside that caused me to shut them right back.  Perhaps the fireworks scared the little skunk to spray.

Today I'm working on some studio projects and doing some editing on a book I'm currently writing. All things I can do while positioned comfortably in front of a fan.

Stay cool where you are, do something creative, have fun and enjoy this heatwave while it lasts.  As they say in Arizona, "You don't have to shovel heat!"


Facebook is my diary!!!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts on this thing! I honestly forget about it because I put so many pictures, stories and words on our two Facebook pages!

I'll try to post on here more!


2018 is the year of the workshop!

What a wonderful start to 2018!

First, with a lot of help from my friends Mary & Mary, a lovely newspaper reporter named Sarah, my darling husband, Morton & the amazing people at Marabu paints, I set a world record marbling 684 greeting cards in just one hour on January 1, 2018! It was fun & exhausting. 

Next, I put a little picture up and one post offering private workshops for groups, hoping to book some dates for 2018. In less than two weeks, all my available dates were booked!!! Our friends are the best and word of mouth is our favorite kind of advertising!

Our Stained Glass Sunday workshop is such a hit we now require booking because of popularity with our people and limited seating. 

Our Stained Glass studio space is expanding to accommodate up to 16 people comfortably, with new grinders, cutters, glass and surprises coming this week!

Morton and I really want to thank everyone for loving and enjoying this wonderful space as much as we do! 

This year is really started of great and it’s all thanks to you! Please keep sharing us!


Every single day!

Frosty morning here today. So much has been happening that time has yet again slipped by so fast. 

The last few weeks have been very productive. We have no more holes in the big ceilings where lights should be, thanks to Morton, scaffolding and several great finds of antique lights. 

We accidently got our little kitchen sorted out thanks to a great sale and later today we’re actually having a real stove installed in the area that will one day be our proper kitchen. 

Little by little, patience and lots of work, we’re hoping to keep on track of our five year estimate of getting most of our big things done here. 

We’re very grateful to the support from the local community who attend workshops we hold in different arts and crafts. The funds really help us to things to improve this beautiful building and preserve it, while inviting others in to enjoy the beautiful positive atmosphere of this very special place we love.

The next few weeks, the last of this year, will storm by at a breakneck pace I’m sure, but it’s my hope that I remember to appreciate all the lovely people, the fun moments and smile because I’m so thankful for every single day. 

We can all DO more!

Hi everyone,

Just recently returned from an amazing two week trip to Arizona to spend some time with my grandchildren. The weather was lovely, the light was incredible for painting outside, and you know how they say you need to step back from things sometimes to really see them? That's just what happened to me in Arizona!

While I was busy getting creative my my granddaughter, Maggie, my mind was going nonstop on things back at The1870! My granddaughter is only eight, but I have to say, she has some amazing ideas. We love to talk while we're creating things and that darling little girl really is inspiring. We talked about workshops I did in September, workshops I'm doing in the future and making so many new friends along the way.

My problem, that isn't really a problem at all, it's a blessing, is that I have so many ideas at once, it's tough to stay focused. I have so many arts and crafts I love to do, I get easily distracted. But that really isn't a problem! It's a great thing. When we love doing something, whatever creative thing that might be, we need to be diverse and using different arts and crafts mediums is a wonderful way to make that happen. Maggie and I both agreed on this while organizing her craft closet and now, craft dresser.

So I'm going to embrace my love of all things arts and crafts, not think that it's a distraction anymore, but another journey on my creative path.

While Arizona is three hours behind Pennsylvania most of the year (they don't change their clocks!), my body was set on Eastern time, most of my mornings there. While the little ones still slept, I'd wake up and start working on my phone. There is so much business behind running a successful studio and another thing I've always told myself is that I hate the business side of it. You know, paperwork, email, and the worst thing that a professional artist or crafter has to deal with...SALES! I've always said that I hate selling my own work. Love selling others, hate selling mine. It feels like I'm bragging about it, or pushing it on people.

So from 3 am to 6 am, Arizona time, my phone would be glowing as I'd be doing the business of my business. It started to feel pretty amazing getting things done that I usually neglect or wait until the last minute to do. What was this feeling? Was I actually enjoying the business side of my studio? Yes, I was!!!

That started putting some really wonderful things in motion. It started me thinking about my business in a totally different light. It made me start thinking about enjoying the sale of my creations and what it really means when I sell something.

Any artist, starving or not, NEEDS to sell their work. The money is one of the reasons, but a really wonderful reason it's important to sell your artwork or crafts you make is because it gives you a real and tangible connection to that special person who bought it. Your work spoke so loudly to another human being, they pulled out their wallet and paid you for it! How lovely is that? That person will keep your work, or give it at a gift, but they heard your voice, your passion and you speaking loudly enough in it, they were willing to pay for it.

This realization in the desert is just what I needed. Like most artists, I struggle with pricing, undervalue my worth all the time, undervalue my creations all the time and never want to feel like I'm pushing myself or my art on anyone. The truth is, I don't have to and neither do you!

From this day forward, I'll make my art with my whole heart and soul, put the passion of creating something that is so special and one-of-a-kind in all that I do and lose the negative talk in my head I've carried with me for ages. Giving my work the voice it needs, I know it will call to it's rightful owner and they'll buy it. I love selling my art work because it connects me to you!

My goal is to connect globally with others who feel as passionate about life as I do, share this journey and never stop being swept away by new ideas, new materials, new places and new light.

Priscilla :)

Workshops & learning!

What I love most about doing workshops at The1870 is getting to know the people who are coming out to learn something new. 

It is very rewarding to provide the supplies and instructions to see someone create something special that they feel good about and are proud of. It's hard to put in to words, but this is my absolute favorite thing to get to experience. 

We all need creative outlets, even for those people who tell me they aren't creative, they are! We all are! You just need the tools, the tips and sometimes you need someone to show you some techniques that really help with your project! 

When creating arts and crafts you need to remember like with most things, even though it's a process, when we add joy to the project is when it becomes really magical! Our studio and workshop provides that environment that let's you get in touch with your creative side!

i encourage everyone and anyone to let yourself go, come to a workshop and discover the bliss that is in abundance here in this very special place!

September is back to school time at the studio!

As the air gets a bit cooler and the sights, smells and sounds of September dance around us, I'm inviting you to come and discover our studio for yourself. 

Sonce starting our popular workshop program this year we've welcomed over a hundred visitors to various workshops, then stopped over the summer for painting high on the scaffolding overhead instead of on easels. 

Now with fresh white ceilings and cream colored beams to reflect even more light into our newly designed workshop area, we're pleased to open our doors again and welcome you in for a whirlwind of creative fun and friendships in The1870 Studio. 

Starting on September 1, 2017 from 4 to 8 pm you can come to our first First Friday Show & Sale, with free admission, special surprises and a peek at some of the 50 different workshops we have happening in September, there really is something for everyone!

Get creative with me. Never stop learning and come and see why The1870 is such a very special place. 

Workshop time!

Anyone who has met me, read anything I've written or seen any of the thousands of pictures and videos I post online has to know that I love arts and crafts. 

My favorite thing is helping others discover the joy and satisfaction of learning something creative! So September is being a real kick off point for me. I'm going to teach over 50 different arts and crafts workshops ranging in cost from $5 to $45 and the variety of the projects will make your head spin!

Get ready to visit and learn and if you're too far away to come in person, keep an eye on me here!


Never stop learning and creating!!!

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The1870 Calendar

Please visit the EVENTS on our Facebook page to see what is coming up. 

Visit us IN PERSON at The1870 Studio on October 30 & 31, 2021 for an OPEN HOUSE from 10 am to 2 pm in our working arts & crafts studio. Park in our parking lot, come in the purple studio door and see the hundreds of projects that Priscilla has created right here! Watch live demonstrations, sign up for future stained glass, glass fusing, mosaics and more art & craft future workshops. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase original one-of-a-kind arts & crafts by Priscilla.

November 6th & 7th, 2021: 10 am to 2 pm Fused Glass Snowman (2 hour workshop, ages 12 & over, $50 per person, all materials included, book & pay in advance, choose your date & start time)

November 27th & 28th, 2021: 10 am to 2 pm Fused Glass Christmas Trees (2 hour workshop, ages 12 & over, $50 per person, all materials included, book & pay in advance, choose your date & start time)

December 4th & 5th, 2021: 10 am to 2 pm Fused Glass Angel (2 hour workshop, ages 12 & over, $50 per person, all materials included, book & pay in advance, choose your date & start time)

December 11th & 12th, 2021: 10 am to 2 pm Fused Glass Snowflake (2 hour workshop, ages 12 & over, $50 per person, all materials included, book & pay in advance, choose your date & start time)

December 26th, 2021 Boxing Day Party & Surprise Workshop! This special event from 10 am to 2 pm will feature Scottish treats by Morton, a special sale in our studio and a SURPRISE Make & Take Workshop for just $20 a person. All ages are welcome to discover the beautiful traditions of Boxing Day in Britain with a sweet Scottish twist! 



The1870 Studio is offering PRIVATE WORKSHOPS for 6 to 8 people, from 6 to 8 pm on special dates! You will select if you want to do Tiffany-style stained glass, fused glass or stained glass mosaics for $50 per person, you’ll have the whole studio to yourselves with use of our kitchen to have a unique experience for you and your friends. Must book & pay in advance. Dates are limited.

DATES AVAILABLE FOR 2021: 11/3, 11/10, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/29 Call or text Priscilla at 717-307-0166 to reserve your date or get more information.


SHOP THE STUDIO in person anytime we are open for our Saturday and Sunday workshops.


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