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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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2019 is off to a wonderful start!

Since we post so much on our Facebook pages for The1870 and The1870 Studio, I really neglect this blog.  It is my goal to do better this year.

Big news around here is that we have a wonderful Sedore biomass stove that has helped with high heating oil costs and hope to add another stove this year that will tie in to our cast iron radiators.  We've been burning all sorts of things in it and it's been a learning curve with the high winds we get here, but overall, we are thrilled with it.  Is it dusty and more work? YES!!! Is it worth it? Of course!!! We're saving money and getting exercise with it.  All good things.

Other exciting news is that the ground floor living area is being converted into our amazing arts and crafts studio.  We will be finished with the set up for an opening in June 2019 where we will offer workshops in stained glass, glass blowing, glass bead making, glass fusing, jewelry making, mixed media arts, fiber arts, scrapbooking, writing and much more.  Watch our studio page on Facebook for all the details and schedules. 

So much to do and such fun watching things come together is what really keeps me motivated.  Hope spring finds us soon.


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