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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

Our favorite lights!

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Fresh Mountain Air!

As I'm writing this the sun has just went behind the mountains and the sky is an inky blue. The spring frogs are singing outside and the sound of our two ladies from France chatting in the balcony is drifting through the church in a lovely whisper.

My legs are sore, my back is killing me and I'm going to sleep like a log tonight, whatever that means. The day was spent with our two helpers painting trim inside and really speeding through it, with the hands of artist. As they were painting, I was rearranging and cleaning.

The goal is to have all our painting done inside (not counting murals I'm doing) before the 22nd and our Earth Day celebration. The other goal is to have things arranged so we can have all our free workshops happening inside if the weather doesn't cooperate!

Today I was thankful Morton hand insisted I got the furniture gliders the last time we were in Harbor Freight Tools together. They were really worth the $4.99! The floor here has some uneven bits and they even managed to glide over them with ease.

Tonight as we were eating while the sun was setting, I was thinking here I am cooking dinner for two women from France and suddenly my little griddle and weird cooking set up had me asking out loud if the food was alright. They both kindly assured me it was, then we started talking about the food in France. Ah, the food in France!

We talked about an apple tart that I fell in love with on a trip to LeMans, a cheese market I fell in love with in Paris, a seafood dinner that was beyond delicious in the south of France and all the time, I'm sitting there thinking I shouldn't be mentioning these things with my passable cooking that isn't anything at all fancy.

As the sun was setting and the air blowing through the windows, there was music to my ears when they said they'd cook an apple tart, a quiche, and several other French favorites while they're staying with us. How lovely is that?

Closing the windows tonight, seeing the old church twinkling in fairy lights and overhead glowing lanterns, I really have to say that I might be the luckiest person on the planet! I love having helpers from all over the world share their talents, time and friendships while working on this lovely home. My dream is someday they all come back and visit us when it's done and there's nothing left to do but sit around and make apple tarts and watch the beautiful sun set behind the mountains, while breathing that lovely air wafting through the windows.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!


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