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153 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Looking for a cozy library and reading nook

Books have always been a creature comfort I loved. Nothing brings back more nostalgia for me than seeing a set of Childcraft books at a yard sale, library sale or at the home of my grandchildren.

These books were sitting in my living room growing up, giving me Internet access way before home computers were even dreamed of. Well, maybe on a Star Trek episode.

The collection ranged in everything from crafts, to poetry, to animals with a smidgen of information about each. Really just enough to whet your appetite. Some of the books were favorites and others just got glanced over unless I was well and truly bored, which rarely ever happens to me.

I'd find a place to escape in my house of six children, that was quiet, where I would read. Endlessly.

The 1870 is loaded with nooks and crannies that I would have adored as a child. Pretty window arches that let in the sunshine with a chair in front of them and I'm all ready to sink into a good book. But that is during every season except winter. Winter, late fall and early spring are all cold here. Very cold.

Since we are heating just parts of this giant building, I asked my dear husband to build me a bookcase that would stretch from the ceiling to the floor, under the old organ loft. I know the south facing window will provide some warmth and if we insulate the wall we put behind the bookcases, with perhaps a secret door, this could be my ideal reading space.

So the last two days he's been working. Measuring walls that out out of line, putting up levels where walls are out of level and making changes as he goes for the best outcome.

The bookcase room is coming along nicely. The sun is streaming in and the thermometer I have sitting on a shelf read 65 degrees today. That's pretty incredible considering there is no heat in this area and it's November 16th.

As I sweep sawdust, help measure boards and generally just try to clean up and stay out of the way (with the exception of a nail or two), real progress is being made. I'm planning to do the decorating. Painting the drywall sheets a pale, soft lavender, looking at what the carpets will be and thinking about what lights, what chairs and what table I'm going to have in my sunny reading nook.

Morton shattered my illusion of capturing the good old days by asking if I was going to mount his television on the wall or on an old fashioned wardrobe I have. His love of reading is a little different than mine.

I suppose compromise is the key to a long and happy relationship, so the television will be included, but I am going to sneak in an extra table for putting jigsaw puzzles on my lantern light from time to time.

Bookshelf bliss at The 1870 is coming along nicely. Pictures to follow. :)

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