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154 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Rainy outside, cozy inside!

Today is a good day for a great day. I'm going to be making a crockpot of homemade soup, putting beeswax & orange oil on my parents rocking chairs I had gotten them for their 50th wedding anniversary back in 2000, then heading down the stairs in my office to go to the studio!

We're going to have our first ever Un-Birthday Party in the studio tomorrow from 4 to 6 pm and I'm so excited for it! We're also open both Saturday and Sunday with weekend from 10 to 2 to showcase and sell our fused glass creations.

The weather is watering my hay bales for me, which are ready to plant in on Monday. Weather permitting of course. My morning was going to include weeding in the little flower garden on the east side, but it's just 53 degrees here with a drizzle, so I think those weeds will get to live another day.

My happiest thoughts of today are that Morton, though at work right now, is going to have five lovely days off in a row and we're going to get some lovely projects done together. It's always so much better when he's here. This lovely old church doesn't feel complete when he's gone.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with magic you make, fun with friends and a shared smile along the way.

Priscilla :)


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