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150 year old Pennsylvania church converted to a home & artist workshop studio

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Our workshops are on hold due to Covid19. 

World Record Setting Attempt January 1, 2018 Noon - Watch as Priscilla attempts to set a world record in MARBLING! .

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Blog posts

2017 is going to be incredible!

Happy New Year to all!!!

2017 is going to be the year that our studio kicks in to gear. 

Classes, exhibition and special events are all coming, please stay tuned for details. 

If you haven't LIKED our Facebook page yet, please do so. We have lots of great things happening there and it's …

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With a little help from my friends

November flew by fast with friends, family, food and fun. We had an unexpected Workaway helper with us that did some painting miracles and got me motivated to see how much of the dirty old pink paint I could cover. 

With a working boiler and 700 gallons of oil into the season, I'm spending time …

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Bird watching for beginners

This morning I took an apple and a glass of water and sat on the chair I've positioned for optimum viewing pleasure at the bird feeders outside the entrance on the east side of the church.

It was early and the light was twinkling through the stand of pine trees just beyond our drive with the sun …

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The heat is ON!

It really feels amazing looking back at pictures of The 1870 from a year ago and seeing how far we have came. Yes, we still have a million miles to go on this project, but you can actually SEE the progress in the photos.

The one thing you can't see is the fact that the church now has a working fu…

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Far and few between

When I started this journal, I really thought I'd use it more. I love to write, I love to do things here and I really love telling friends and family from all over about what we are getting up to at The 1870. But looking back at my entries, or lack of entries, I wonder why I'm not using this feature…

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Marching on

When we bought this church two years ago it was a secret dream of mine to get it to the point where my mother, who was in really bad health and bed ridden, could come and live. Things like no heating, no handicapped shower and other issues prevented that from happening.

As we were working on the …

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Growing projects

When we took on this incredible project, we had a 10 year plan to make it the way we wanted it without taking on any extra debt. This means budgets, priority projects and being very bargain savvy when it comes to getting projects going and completed here at The 1870.

Morton often says, "I thought…

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The Studio is OPEN!

After almost two years of working, sweating, bleeding and more working, my stained glass studio is OPEN!
It feels amazing to see glass I haven't seen in the ten years that have passed since we moved to the States from Scotland.

It feels even better to be creating again. Stained glass is far more…

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Time is fleeting!

It seems the more progress we are making, the fewer entries I make here. Most days I'm so ready for bed after daily to-do lists that never seem to end and I keep forgetting to write down all the wonderful things that are happening here in the mountains.

We just hosted two amazing guys from Englan…

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Silent pipes are still stunning pipes!

This week has been a big one. While we have a fantastic plumber who is working on getting our furnace going, or more specifically all the leaks fixed from pipes being burst over the years our lovely church has sent empty and cold, we tackled a different set of pipes on the main floor.

The massive…

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One finished project at a time!

Something rather thrilling happened here last week. While I was in the main sanctuary and Morton was down in the basement containing the furnace and four large oil tanks, and a wonderful man named Jack, I heard a strange and beautiful noise. It was the sound of the furnace starting!

Hopefully the…

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Two days

Our original idea was to spend all of Morton's days off of his work at the church, working on projects. We figured within 10 years, everything would be the way we wanted it. Little by little, one goes far.

According to my rough schedule on the big picture of the project, we are so far ahead of sc…

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Gone too long!

My two weeks or so trip was extended a bit. Two months or so in Arizona has left me with hundreds (seriously, I have filled an entire notebook!) of ideas, sketches, designs on my Pinterest board that I want to happen and most importantly, a to-do list with a deadline.

You see, the grandchildren t…

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Leaving on a jet plane

As winter does what winter does at our lovely 1870, I'm going to be heading west to Arizona to spend some much needed time with the grandchildren.

Morton sadly isn't joining me for this trip and his trips to the 1870 are very dependent on his work schedule and the weather. Thankfully Jimmy, Amy a…

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January Resolutions & Solutions

This year is going to be different. I'm not making resolutions, but rather reflecting on all the things I want to find solutions for in my life this year.

With a project as big as The 1870, you can imagine my to-do list is an ever-growing notebook. I'll stick napkins I've done drawing on in it, p…

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Looking for a cozy library and reading nook

Books have always been a creature comfort I loved. Nothing brings back more nostalgia for me than seeing a set of Childcraft books at a yard sale, library sale or at the home of my grandchildren.

These books were sitting in my living room growing up, giving me Internet access way before home comp…

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Kitchen Sink Kitchen

The room is tiny, tucked under the balcony that once held the organ and a chorus of singing voices. There is a big sunny south facing window in it, but it's just six and a half feet wide by 14 feet long.

When we bought the church, I think it's last use had been a little nursery for the little one…

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blog post

If you've ever remodeled anything you know that it always takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you planned. That is totally the case here at our lovely old church!

As we are working on one project, several others have a way of popping up. Speaking of up, you don't get any taller than our …

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Go West!

So much time has passed since my last post! It's amazing how fast time really goes. Sorry for the slacking, but I promise, it's been for a good reason.

My daughter and her family (my darling grandchildren included!) moved to Arizona in July and I've been out there four or five times since then. I…

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To say this project is a big one is a serious understatement. The amount of hours spent on everything we are doing is just mind boggling.

Over the last few weeks I've been spending all my time actually living and working in our home. It's fantastic when I wake up at four in the morning and feel t…

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